Mike Raymond adds to his successful appellate court record

As noted from his bio, Mike Raymond has a 30 year track record of helping develop the common law of Arizona, particularly in the area of insurance coverage.

And in 2017, he helped a homeowner secure a big win against an insurer who refused to defend its insured. In Teufel v. American FamilyMut. Ins. Co., 1 CA-CV 15-0736, the Court of Appeals reversed a trial court ruling and held that the insurer must defend the homeowner who was sued after the home he sold to a buyer suffered damage from a collapsed hillside. The issue was one of first impression in Arizona involving application of an exclusion in a homeowner’s policy that purports to bar coverage for any liability under contract.

The Arizona Supreme Court accepted American Family’s petition for review. Mr. Raymond argued his client’s case before  the Arizona Supreme Court in April 2018.

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