Disaster for Client Averted-Insurer Reverses Coverage Denial

Len Greer and Dan McCarthy helped a client out of a pickle with his auto insurer. The client had the same auto insurer for nearly 40 years. But when he traded in his car for a newer model, he had mistakenly forgot to notify the insurer of the trade-in. 34 days later, he was in an accident. Although the policy was not a model of clarity, buried in the fine-print was a clause that arguably required him to notify the insurer within 30 days of the replacement vehicle.

The insurer denied coverage for the accident meaning the client was out significant sums for the damage to his vehicle, other property damage. What’s more, he was exposed to a claim for personal injuries suffered by a third-party, all of which potentially placed he and his wife in jeopardy of their retirement nest-egg.

Len and Dan came to the rescue, crafting legal arguments that eventually persuaded the insurer to reverse course and agree to provide coverage for both the property damage to the car as well as any potential liability to the injured party.

Disaster averted!

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